Fly in Honor with TunisAir
19.08.2014 09:59

                                                       TunisAir | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Palm islands are exotic spots in the UAE.  Palm islands are about 2 artificial islands; Palm Jebel and Palm Jumeirah. These islands are famous tourist destinations. People all around the world visit Palm Islands.

Formed in 1948 with headquarters in Tunis, TunisAir is the flag carrying airline of Tunisia. This airline today operates many scheduled flights to different destinations in the world, which includes African countries, European countries and Middle East countries.
This airline is one of the oldest airlines in entire Africa and has kept growing since its inception. In the year of 1997, this airline achieved the record number of carrying 3 million passengers in a single year.

TunisAir Schedule and Luggage Policies

Passengers travelling with this airline are expected to be at the airport at least 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier before flight take-off. Passengers should carry the needed documents and luggage for check-in. Passengers with disability will be having a special care from the airline.
Business class passengers will enjoy luxurious seats in the aircraft with full comfort. Cuisine provided by the airline is about variety and special menu is available for children

Privilege class passengers are allowed to carry 30 kg luggage to check-in and 2 pieces of handbags weighing 10 kg each are also allowed. While, economy class passenger can carry 20 kg luggage to check-in and a single bag weighing 8 kg can be taken as hand baggage. 

Travel with this airline brings a smile on the faces of the passengers. Hurry up! Book your tickets and explore UAE.



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