Indigo Airlines Online Booking: GoIndigo Mobile App
15.09.2014 10:27

                                      Indigo Airlines Online Booking | Image Resource : ndtv.com

Indigo airline has made it to the top of India’s aviation industry overtaking many giants like Air India and Jet Airways. The main reason behind the exceptional rise of this air service provider is its customer-oriented approach, which is reflected in the work culture of the employees and also in each and every service and scheme that the airline offers. The intent of the airline to make international air travel affordable for the common man is what has captured the imagination of people.

Indigo Airlines online booking is also an example of the customer-oriented approach of the airline. The airline has an extremely efficient internet reservation system on its official website and also offers mobile reservation facilities. Customers can help book their flights anytime and at anyplace. The idea of mobile reservation is visionary and extremely user-friendly. It not only saves customers’ time but also saves a lot of energy and money.

GoIndigo Mobile Application

The mobile application allows users to book Indigo Airlines tickets on the go. They can access all travel related information in no time through the app. Information regarding flight schedules, seat availability and even about destination cities is available easily through the app. Passengers who have already booked tickets are sent regular updates either through SMS or through their app, which can be synchronized with their mobile calendar and schedule.

The application runs on the majority of mobile operating systems including Android and Symbian. The app is also extremely light and runs on all smart phones even with moderate specifications.


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